Outreach Programs

Friends of Swimmers trust/Chad le Clos Foundation

Friends of Swimmers Trust
Friends of Swimmers Trust – 8-mile club at Midmar Mile

NC Dolphins Swim Team, in association with Friends of Swimmers Trust/Chad le Clos Foundation, is supported by aQuelle Midmar Mile and the 8 Mile Club and is responsible for several outreach programs in KZN namely:

  1. LIV-Village Swim Program
  2. Maidstone Primary School Development Program
  3. Imbalito Hope College for Autism Survival Swim Program
Friends of Swimmers Trust 8-mile Club

The Friends of Swimmers Trust has four primary objectives:

  1. The Trust promotes and provides water safety workshops to communities in KZN.
  2. Provides learn-to-swim opportunities to previously disadvantaged communities.
  3. Provides funding to South African elite swimmers to enable them to race in international competitions.
  4. The Trust identifies talented swimmers within its programs by offering long-term guidance and support which can allow them a career in professional sport.

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