The CHOC Cows Midmoo Mile 2020

The CHOC Cows Friends of Swimmers Trust / Chad le Clos Foundation Midmoo Mile takes place 8-9 February 2020 during the aQuelle Midmar Mile

The CHOC Cows /Friends of Swimmers Trust/Chad le Clos Foundation Midmoo Mile

Midmoo Mile 2020
What is the The CHOC Cows Midmoo Mile Fundraiser?

The CHOC Cows is a group of people on a mission to change the lives of families and children living with cancer.

The 2020 aQuelle Midmar mile takes place from 8-9 February. The CHOC Cows will have their own event where all the swimmers that raised funds will swim in their CHOC Cow swimsuits during this event.

Why is North Coast Dolphins Swim Team joining the herd to raise funds?

Our swim team is a very caring group of swimmers. Clubs are just people with a mutual interest whereas a team care and look after each other’s well-being.

The CHOC Cows 2020 fundraiser
In line with this philosophy, we care about all children including those that cannot swim and those with cancer. We believe that we can do some good with our swimming talent and use it to raise funds for kids with cancer.

How does it work?
Friends of Swimmers Trust 8-mile Club

North Coast Dolphins Swim Team joined forces with two charities namely:
The CHOC Cows
Learn-to-swim kiddies, junior and senior swimmers (even if you are not a NC Dolphins swimmer) each raise R 1,500-00 using the special The CHOC Cows Fundraising page to earn a CHOC Cows swimsuit. The suits are unique and good quality (Speedo).

Please ask all family and friends that donate to enter your name into the comments block in order for us to tally up all donations. A nice encouraging message may accompany your name.

Swimmers may use their suits at any time for example training and at fun galas. Age group swimmers may race in their suits at KZNA events.

Friends of Swimmers Trust/Chad le Clos Foundation
aQuelle Midmar Mile and the 8-mile club supports outreach programs which NC Dolphins run in association with the Friends of Swimmers Trust/Chad le Clos foundation.
Read more about it here

How do I donate to support Friends of Swimmers Trust/Chad le Clos Foundation?

Coach Dominique Donner is an 8-mile club member. This means that she swims the Midmar mile eight times over two days to raise funds for the Friends of Swimmers Trust/Chad le Close Foundation.

Coach Dom asked NC Dolphins swimmers that raise funds for The CHOC Cows Midmoo Mile to donate 10% (R 150-00) to Coach Dominique Donner’s fundraising page. (Follow the steps on the page).

Marc Forrest, a NC Dolphins parent joins Coach Dom this year for the 8 mile swim at Midmar to raise funds. Please feel free to contribute at Marc’s fundraising page.

This money goes straight to Friends of swimmers Trust/Chad le Clos Foundation which is then used to support the NC Dolphins outreach programmes.

When will I get my CHOC Cows suit and how do we provide our sizes?

We keep a list of the fundraisers and their swimsuit sizes. This list will be sent through to The CHOC Cows.

The CHOC Cows set up a collection point approximately a week before Midmar mile where all fundraisers may collect their suits.
Details will be made available as soon as we receive it from THE COWS.

How do I enter the aQuelle Midmar or Midmoo mile?
aQuelle Midmar Mile

You can enter by following the instructions and link on the aQuelle Midmar Mile Website.

Please contact Coach Marinda at with your wish to enter the Midmoo Mile. There is a special link for fundraisers where you can enter the Midmoo mile.

The Midmoo Mile is a special wave exclusively for The CHOC Cow swimmers under event 1.

Do I have to swim the Midmar Mile to raise funds and get a Cow swim suit?

No you do not have to swim the Midmar Mile to raise funds and earn your CHOC Cows suit. Simply raise R 1,500-00 and message Coach Marinda with your contact details so we can give it to The CHOC Cows and add you to our list of swim suit recipients.