Learn-to-swim coach

Learn-to-swim coach Marinda

Learn-to-swim coach Marinda’s philosophy:

“Swimming is the one sport where passion and contribution gets new meaning, whether you are a swimmer, parent or a coach

Marinda Stuiver

Swimming History:

Swimming is and always has been part of my daily routine. Coaching our own swimmer, Monica Botha (2015 – 2019 KZN Junior Champ and 2019 200m Freestyle KZN record-holder) serves as confirmation that we belong poolside instead of being office-bound.

I started swimming in high school, made the Provincial team in Freestyle/Butterfly and progressed to SA National Champs in 1982.

During my student years, I join Masters swimming and compete in Biathlons and Triathlons up to SA Nationals in 1994.

I also form part of various teams (swimmer or cyclist) that won various series back in the day (Perm Visa Radio 5 triathlon series).

Individual triathlon and cycling races become my passion when our winning team members decide to train for Iron man vs standard triathlons. Due to time constraints, working and studying I just focus on standard and mini-triathlons.

In 1994 I qualify as a member of the N-Tvl Triathlon team and we compete at the Provincial level (2nd place). At the 1994 SA National Olympic Distance Triathlon, I place 4th in the Senior Woman category.

What did you do before you became a learn-to-swim coach?

1983-1995: Qualify as a Microbiologist and work in laboratories up to 1993.

In 1994 I changed my career path to marketing following a second retrenchment as the laboratory closed.


  • 1994: Vaccine and diagnostic kit sale representative
  • 1995: Product manager
  • 1996: Akzo Nobel Sales Person of the Year award – increasing vaccine sales to 60% of company turnover
  • 1997: Travel to UK and Netherlands to visit laboratories and complete specialist course at the Deventer Institute
  • 1998-2000: Freelance as marketing consultant
  • 2001-current: Launch E-SPECTATIONS Consulting offering freelance content writing, content strategies and WordPress web development services.
  • I am also American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) qualified and registered with Swimming South Africa / KZN Aquatics with the required First aid qualifications.

What is your experience as learn-to-swim Coach?

The 1990s: I team up with a fellow triathlete that needs help with his swimming. We make a deal that I teach him to swim and he helps me to improve my running. We become training buddies and my training partner proceed to the National level, representing South Africa at the World Triathlon Championships.

1997: I focus on a professional career following a knee operation that terminates my sporting dream, continue swimming for therapy.

2001: Coaching swimmers (mostly adults) part-time on a 1-on-1 basis while I train with them.

2013-current: Our local swim club closes and leaves us stranded without a swim coach and pool. Monica Botha, (6), our daughter shows so much passion for swimming as a sport that her father and I decide to coach her.

I train with Monica for the first couple of years. I focus on her motivation and lifestyle while her dad takes over on the pool deck. Swim To Inspire is born as it represents the process we follow to keep Monica healthy and motivated.

2017: we join NC Dolphins Swim Team and Coach Dom agrees that we may continue Monica’s coaching on the South Coast while she swims for the Team.

2018-2019: a local swimming academy ask me to take over club coaching at a Primary school in Amanzimtoti. October 2019 Coach Dom ask if I could join NC Dolphins as learn-to-swim Coach.

It is an honor for me to join the NC Dolphins Swim Team as coach, sharing my passion with all that wish to learn-to-swim whether you are 3 or a 100.

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